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Members help sustain this world-class institution while enjoying many outstanding benefits throughout the year.

All Members:

The Association enjoys a huge membership of mostly classy, restaurants, caterers, Pubs, and all players in the entertainment industry. Entertainment venues include, water sports businesses, go-karting, shooting, theme parks and discotheques, cinema & theatrical works etc.

PERAK is affiliated to the Kenya Association of Hotel-keepers and Caterers (KAHC) and has representation on the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) as well as Mombasa and Coast Tourism Association. (MCTA), in it's capacity as a significant Tourism Stakeholder.

Membership to our Association gives individual Pubs, Restaurants and other entertainment player an invaluable stamp of recognition, of belonging to an important and reputable organization in the hospitality fraternity. It affords them a forum to air their views, discuss common problems, and present a united front as the most fundamental sub-sector of the tourism industry.

The principles of "Engagement", "Evaluation", "Recognition" constitute key guidelines for our membership, while establishing 'Rating', 'Certification' and 'Standards' crucial to recognizing contributors & stars of the industry.

We realize that encouraging 'Innovation' makes Kenya's Hospitality Globally Competitive. We operate and negotiate with one voice, one vision. Hospitality is our commitment and passion. We host and celebrate diversity.

Membership Benefits:

  •  Free listing and advertisement to Kenya Tourism Board for international marketing
  •  Free listing on Yellow Pages Kenya and Travel Kenya Magazine
  •  Refreshers courses to the members staff coordinated by Kenya Utalii College
  •  Get support and participate in collective lobbying and advocacy issues beneficial to ordinary members
  •  Get discounted prices from our members for yor establishments
  •  Interaction with the PERAK fraternity through monthly networking forums
  •  Members-only emails with advance notice of events, programs, and offers
  •  National, regional and international networking
  •  Free access to the PERAK database and profiles
  •  Discounted fees to PERAK functions and activities
  •  Mutually beneficial collaborations between members’ organizations and PERAK
  •  Membership certificate

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