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PERAK - An Industry BMO

The Pubs, Entertainment and Restaurants Association of Kenya (PERAK), registered with the registrar of societies; was borne of an identified need by investors in the hospitality and entertainment sectors to bring sanity and order within these sectors. These investors realized that in an industry as critical and as widespread as the hospitality and entertainment, an industry voice that establishes and maintains standards for operators in the sector was critical.

PERAK represents members who run and manage major restaurants, pubs and entertainment venues, and its main objective is to bring together operators with a view of resolving common problems in the industry, developing a code of conduct for its members and help members to comply with various regulations governing the hospitality industry. PERAK is a non-political organization in the hospitality and entertainment sector in Kenya.

Currently, PERAK has over 600 members in Nairobi and Mombasa and the key towns in Kenya and several other establishments from all over Kenya have applied for membership. It also has recently registered as a limited liability company with the registrar of companies as part of its strategic plan

It is not in doubt that the hospitality and entertainment sector is one of the most critical in Kenya. It is usually not recognized that the hospitality and entertainment sector is one of the biggest and most important in the country. Of note are the following themes:

  1. The members are investors: The total investment made in this sector runs into billions of shillings.
  2. The members are employers: Their establishments employ thousands of Kenyans across the country.
  3. The members are taxpayers: Over and above income taxes, they collect value added tax at the point of sale on behalf of the Government every day.
  4. The sector is one of the largest consumers of locally manufactured goods in Kenya: They are major supporters of Kenya’s manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

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