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It is easy to imagine a handful of bar and restaurant executives in attendance at a meeting, sometime in the early years, gathered around a hotel lobby, or bar, talking about common problems of the industry. Certainly one of those executives was bound to say, “Why don’t all of us who have come together, get together and sit down and discuss our common concerns and issues?” It actually happened like that and the formation of the Pubs and Restaurant Association of Kenya came to be.

The Pubs and Restaurants Association of Kenya (PERAK) is the leading business association for pubs and restaurants in Kenya’s KSh 99.7 billion tourism industry (Economic Survey 2017), which spans over 42 counties throughout the country.

PERAK works tirelessly to improve the business climate for its members. Whether it’s navigating the complex waters of ever-changing regulations, providing cutting-edge training and certification products, or empowering members to help reduce their bottom line with practical, relevant business solutions, PERAK is an indispensable, one-stop resource for the bar and restaurant industry. Our diverse network of members ranges from bar owners, restaurant owners, operators, staff and suppliers, to educators and students. They include seasoned veterans and industry leaders, as well as those just entering the workforce for the first time.

PERAK safeguards and advances the interests of its members, closely monitoring a broad range of key issues that span the legislative spectrum. We keep our members up to speed on relevant topics by offering webinars, video news segments, newsletters and an entire Advisory Network of professionals - ready to help tackle anything from legal questions to operations issues to marketing strategy.

Kenya has one of the most diverse and exciting bar and restaurant industries in the world. We invite you to join us. We support you every step of the way in your industry journeyand advocate for the industry, so you can focus on your business.


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