PERAK Profile

Who we are

The Pubs, Entertainment & Restaurants Association of Kenya (PERAK) represents members who run and manage major restaurants, pubs and entertainment venues.

PERAK’s main objective is to bring together operators with a view of resolving common problems in the industry, developing a code of conduct for its members and help members to comply with various regulations governing the hospitality industry.

Our Mission

To be the most progressive enterprise in the hospitality and entertainment business by offering a united front to our members, cost effective services and ensuring that our public image is one of professionalism and integrity

Our Vision

Making Kenyan Hospitality "globally competitive and viable" for the stakeholders, who include guests, shareholders, employees, local communities, suppliers and the Government.

Core Values

  • To be non Political organization
  • To operate within the legal framework of Kenya
  • To foster an ethical environment for the Pubs, Entertainment & Restaurants’ Industries.
  • To uplift industry standards.
  • Strategic Goals & Objectives
  • To seek solutions to challenges affecting the hospitality and entertainment sector
  • To create a forum for interaction between government and private organizations
  • To advocate social responsibility through community service
  • To encourage communication among its members with the objective of developing ideas and sharing legal advice
  • To create an atmosphere of trust between PERAK and the Public

Our Membership

The Association enjoys a huge membership of mostly classy, restaurants, caterers, Pubs, and all players in the entertainment industry.  Entertainment venues include, water sports businesses, go-karting, shooting, theme parks and discotheques, cinema & theatrical works etc.

PERAK is affiliated to the Kenya Association of Hotel-keepers and Caterers (KAHC) and has representation on the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) as well as Mombasa and Coast Tourism Association. (MCTA), in it's capacity as a significant Tourism Stakeholder.

What we do

The core service the Association renders to its members includes;

(1)   Representation

The Association is the principal voice for entertainment palyers to the government and other agencies on matters of regulations, licensing, and policy.

This role is fulfilled through representation and contribution in such bodies as: Kenya Tourist Board, Kenya Tourism Federation, Federation of Kenya Employers, The Hotels & Restaurants Authority, Kenya Utalii College, East Africa Tourism Council, Catering & Tourism Development Levy Trustees, Tourism Trust Fund, Nairobi Central Business District Association, Mombasa & Coast Tourism Association, Coast Development Authority and other forums.

Liaison with the relevant government organs, including the Ministries of Tourism and Information, Trade and Industry, Finance, and Labour and Manpower Development is key to our profile and performance.

(2)   Information Exchange

The Association acts as the principal information exchange network for members and the industry by:

  • Conducting industry research
  • Maintaining an industry data bank
  • Government policies on tax and pricing
  • Industry human resource development
  • Hotels and Restaurants licensing and classification
  • Security, Safety and Standards
  • Legislation and Labor laws
  • Performance Appraisals & Certification.

(3)  Training

The Association coordinates with the Kenya Utalii College on Training and Development programmes. So far over 1000 staff have undergone tailor made training to our staff mostly in Mombasa, Nairobi and Western Kenya.

(4)  A common Bond

Membership to our Association gives individual Pubs , Restaurants and other entertainment player an invaluable stamp of recognition, of belonging to an important and reputable organization in the hospitality fraternity. It affords them a forum to air their views, discuss common problems, and present a united front as the most fundamental sub-sector of the tourism industry.

The principles of "Engagement", "Evaluation", "Recognition" constitute key guidelines for our membership, while establishing 'Rating', 'Certification' and 'Standards' crucial to recognizing contributors & stars of the industry.

We realize that encouraging 'Innovation' makes Kenya's Hospitality Globally Competitive. We operate and negotiate with one voice, one vision. Hospitality is our commitment and passion. We host and celebrate diversity.


For and Behalf of PERAK

Yours Sincerely,

Sam Ikwaye