Guide to proposing a new member

1. To be able to propose a new member the proposer and seconder must be full members of the Association for at least one year.


2. Every proposal for membership must be made in writing. The candidate shall provide a detailed profile and also attach copies of:


a) Registration Certificate


b) VAT Certificate


c) PIN certificate


d) Liquor Licence


e) Local Authority Licence


f) Reasons:-


i) For the proposer’s wish for the candidate to join the Association


ii) For the candidate’s wish to join the Association


3. On receipt of the application, the proposal shall be tabled before the Board of Trustees.


4. If the application is approved in principle, a normal membership form will be sent to the proposer for completion by the candidate.


A candidate who has been rejected shall not again be proposed for membership or introduced to the association as a guest within a period of 12 months without the consent of the Trustee Board.


Finally all correspondence should be marked confidential and will be treated as such.




Application Kshs. 5,000.00 (Refundable if not successful)

Entrance fee Kshs 15,000.00

Total amount Kshs. 20,000.00