Executive Brief

January –March 2010

Dear All Members,

We are slowly aging away 2010 having just bid away Easter Holidays. Below is a highlight of the events and progresses made by the Association in the 1st Quarter of 2010.

Noise regulations

NEMA lived up to their threats and enforced the ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND COORDINATION (NOISE AND EXECESSIVE VIBRATION POLLUTION CONTROL) REGULATIONS 2009, legal notice no.61.which puts the permissible noise levels at 35db for entertainment places. This was developed and is currently being enforced by NEMA- an agency under the ministry of environment. We have since engaged a noise consultant who submitted vital and detailed report to the board. In the last board meeting held in March, the board approved the move to challenge the regulations based on the expert’s advice on the regulations


Following the signing of the agreement with Music Copyrights Society Of Kenya (MCSK ) in November last year, members can now enjoy 10% discounts on the charged tariffs. The board also seconded Ian Martin, PERAK trustee, to represent the interests of the tourism stakeholders on the MCSK Executive board. Please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat incase you require any assistance on the same.


Marketing Development Representatives visited Kenya in the month of March from the old and new source markets. PERAK was well represented both in Nairobi and Mombasa. This time, we had an opportunity to showcase the wide range of entertainment offered in Kenya. We hope with the Jambo campaign launched by KTB, we may begin getting the quality numbers after long periods of low performance of international arrivals.

BAF meetings and outcomes

PERAK organized two stakeholders meetings in Nairobi and Mombasa. The agenda was to discuss the new regulations and how they affected the business. It was also an opportunity used by Business Advocacy Fund BAF to interact with the PERAK family as the develop a sustainability proposal that if approved will help to catapult the Association to greater heights in service delivery to its members.

New staff

Mercy Macharia Thiong’o is the New Administrative Assistant for PERAK. She joined PERAK in February 2010.She is based in Nairobi and will take care of the expansive Nairobi region. She is a trained hotelier with expansive operations experience in the

entertainment industry. (Contacts No:0722773238 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Coast Region Business agenda

The Association was involved in the setting up of the Coast region Business Agenda. This is the forum where the business community gets to engage the government on areas of cooperation to enhance dialogue and improve the business environment. The forum is chaired by the PC.The last Coast round table was attended by the Chairman and representatives from Kasurina Nomad and The studio club.

PM Round table

The noise pollution agenda was taken to the

Membership Surveys – The star Advertisements- Communication through email and Face book alongside Home page

The secretariat conducted a members’ survey in all its regions to evaluate its service delivery to the members. Preliminary results indicate that most members rated the secretariat highly in service delivery but low on communication with members. To this effect, the Association has enhanced communication through email and the PERAK homepage www.perakkenya.org as well as on face book, Pubs Entertainment and Restaurants Association of Kenya group under PERAK Sam’s profile. It is our sincere hope that you will take advantage of these new developments and get more involved in the management of your association.

We have also entered into an agreement with the star magazine to offer PERAK members a good advertising deal. In every Friday Entertainment page, members can now get to advertise at ksh.4, 000.Please take advantage of these arrangements.

Upcoming Events-

KUC - We are targeting to train a further 600 staff this year from the entertainment industry. This shall be in two phases. 300 staff from Mombasa and 300 in Nairobi region at a later date. Kenya Utalii College will conduct the trainings in the month of April and May 2010 for Mombasa.We wish to encourage you to utilize the program to improve the services and competence of your staff.

PERAK OPEN PLENARY AND AGM NAIROBI- PERAK’s AGM and open plenary is set for 11th May, 2010 in Nairobi. The AGM notice will be dispatched shortly by the secretariat. It is however important to note that we shall hold elections of all electable posts to get a new team that shall guide PERAK through the next 2 years.

NACADA partnership with PERAK- The Alcohol bill has gone though the third reading and now moves to the committee stage ahead of publishing and presidential ascent. NACADA has sought to partner with PERAK to train the industry on Alcohol, drugs and Substance abuse. This shall be a residential training in Nairobi. Details of the venue and dates will be communicated once all logistics are sorted out.

SUBS 2010- Finally, as we move to the 2nd quarter of the year, the secretariat wishes to remind all those members who have not fulfilled their membership obligations to pay their outstanding subscriptions. Membership certificatates are issued upon completion of the membership fees. Membership numbers will be a requirement and will need to be quoted during the voting at the AGM.

Finally, the Association will conduct membership recruitment drives in other regions that have long been ignored in the past, yet they are vast areas and have a potential to strengthen the Association giving the national representation. We take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you well in the next quarter of the year.