The Pubs, Entertainment and Restaurants Association of Kenya (PERAK) was borne of an identified need by investors in the hospitality and entertainment sectors to bring sanity and order within these sectors. These investors realized that in an industry as critical and as widespread as the hospitality and entertainment, an industry voice that establishes and maintains standards for operators in the sector was critical.

Indeed, most business sectors in Kenya have come together in just this manner, and have fought for and gained recognition both from the authorities and members of the public. These business associations have also been instrumental in streamlining the operations of their sectors through strict codes of conduct, to ensure that best practices are universally observed within their sectors. This is what PERAK is targeting.

And so, in 2004, PERAK was registered to bring together operators in the pubs, entertainment and restaurant sectors, with a view to coming together to resolve common problems in the industry and to develop a strict code of conduct for its members.

PERAK is a non political organization, bound strictly by a collective destiny in business, and a mission to ensure that the many issues that plague this sector both from internal and external sources, are effectively addressed. Among PERAK’s functions is to ensure compliance to regulations governing our industry as well as social responsibility. (i.e. underage drinking/drug abuse, moral code, etc).

Any new potential member will only accepted after producing clearance and registration certificates from the Tax and License Authorities. PERAK is working hand in hand with Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers, SOLWODI and TEENWATCH to fight Drug and Alcohol Abuse of minors and all have just recently signed an agreement to fight Child Prostitution and Drug/Alcohol Abuse.

One of PERAK’s biggest challenges is the negative perception by the public towards our business. PERAK, therefore, has declared cleaning up the image of the business as key. This will include creating public awareness PERAK are very serious licensed and law obeying investors, tax payers and employers. Towards this end, a key objective will be to identify establishments (licensed or not) who are disobeying Kenyan Laws, moral and ethics codes (child prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, etc ) and to report such establishments to the authorities.

The association aims to create and nurture awareness of strict self regulation amongst our members who will be unified under our Umbrella Association.

Currently, PERAK (including KAHC Restaurant Division) has about 70 members in Nairobi and Mombasa and several other establishments from all over Kenya have applied for membership.