Alcoholic Drinks Control Act 2010

We refer to the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act 2010 sponsored by Hon.Mututho which is aimed at steaming abuse of alcohol in our society. We commend the parliament for passing and the president for assenting to law the in a bid to regulate the quality of alcoholic drinks sold in the country and protect the children and youth in the country from adverse effects of alcohol abuse.

We also wish to address some clauses that we find go against the grain in the realization of the vision 2030 and economic stability of the Kenya people, which if not addressed could easily render this Law not enforceable. To this point, we make reference to the famous Tobacco laws and the recently gazette and enforced noise regulations. Some sections if not addressed are likely to affect the sector very adversely.

Our major concern is that the legislation alone is not an antidote considering the previous over 17 regulations in different pieces of laws designed but unsuccessfully controlled over indulgence in alcohol. Instead the problem continues thriving unabated. We must first address the causative factors if we want to live the spirit of this Act.

Tourism and entertainment in its various forms are highly interlinked and both provide hundreds of thousands of jobs to the citizens of this great country.

We however have concerns with the wording in some sections of the law which when interpreted to the letter, serve to criminalise alcohol consumption and will inadvertently lead to loss of revenue and investment for legitimate businesspeople and massive job losses in the hospitality and entertainment sector.

We hope the concerned persons will see the need to engage the stakeholders at this stage and have a practical enforceable law that will effectively curb the social evels associated with alcohol abuse.

As an industry, we have started the process of ammending some clauses which we strongly feel are cointer productive to the realization of the Vision 2030 and economic prosperity of the Kenya people.The passage of this legislation was partily due to lack of a unified indusrty.We want to urge all players and stakeholders to consider pooling together at this point in time so that we position the industry on an upward trend. 

This we believe will protect investors dealing in legitimate and responsible business and investment while still promoting public health and protecting vulnerable groups from alcohol abuse.

Written by Administrator.

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PERAK Raha Cards

PERAK is in the process of developing membership cards that will be branded as the RAHA CARD. All PERAK members will be card holders and corporate and affiliate partners can have the card at a fee. This card will entitle the holders, whose photos will appear on the card to discounts at all PERAK establishments’ .The discounts will be posted on the PERAK home page and will be reviewed from time to time.

PERAK Training

Staff from PERAK member establishments are currently undergoing a customized training at the Kenya Utalii College in Nairobi. This training is funded by Catering & Tourism Development Trustees CTDLT. This is the 2nd phase after the Coast region where a total of 340 staff benefited. Hon. Balala was the Chief guest at the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony for Nairobi Region training will be 29th October, 2010 at Kenya Utalii College grounds.


PERAK members converged in Mombasa's KAHAMA HOTEL for the Associations SGM on 24/9/2010. Notably; the constitution was amended to allow for corporate memberships. Great benefits await all our business partners beyond marketing and networking. Please contact the secretariat for further information.

Written by Administrator.

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